Advent Jurianne Matter
Advent Jurianne Matter
Advent Jurianne Matter
Advent Jurianne Matter

Advent Jurianne Matter

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Leuk om uit te kijken naar kerst! Adventkalender Jurianne Matter.

Advent – a time for tranquillity, a time of anticipation.

Start a new winter tradition with this Advent Tree!

Take a few minutes each day for a little ritual, starting on December 1. Select an ornament and hang it in the tree. Which one will it be? The skate, the mountain, the gingerbread heart? There are 24 ornaments, so the tree will be full by Christmas and on Christmas Day you can crown the tree with the star.

Or perhaps you’re a little impatient? Then take the tree out of the box and hang all the ornaments in the tree in one go, including the star. Why not?

The idea behind the Advent Tree is to make it a recurring annual tradition, so I made it a sustainable design for the Christmas season in a special storage box.

The tree is packaged in a flat A4 box, which makes it an ideal letterbox gift!

CONTENTS – everything you need is in the package; no tools required.

  • 1 easy to assemble Advent Tree comprising one beechwood trunk (33 cm), one beechwood base, and twelve ‘branches’.
  • 24 pre-punched ornaments of traditionally crafted heavy-duty paper plus one star for the top of the tree.

Dimensions of the tree when assembled:

Height – 33 cm

Width of shortest branches – 7 cm

Width of longest branches – 18.5 cm

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